Board of Directors Profile



Shaik Ismail Allaudin, PKT,PJM

Managing Director

The Managing Director, Mr. Shaik Ismail Allaudin was born in Penang. He received his early education in Westlands Primary and Secondary School in Penang. Upon finishing his schooling, Mr. Shaik Ismail continued his studies to the United States.

Mr. Shaik graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) majoring in Marketing and International Business from Franklin University, Ohio, USA. He is also a qualified tutor from the College of Reading & Learning in New York, USA. Today he is married with 3 children.

Mr Shaik has the ability in analytical and problem solving skills with his strong leadership background. Based on his experiences for more than 14 years, he has been exposed extensively and participate in many unique businesses negotiations dealings for both local and international market.

Prior to leading Kasifa Holding Sdn Bhd, he was attached to one of the oldest shipping and trading company in Malaysia. At this company, he managed to handle in the area of export and import of commodities and minerals. He has developed and established his business collaboration in the areas of export, import of raw commodities, shipping, forwarding and clearance of commodities at ports.

As a Managing Director of Kasifa Holding Sdn Bhd his responsibility to manage and steering the companies diversification, day-to-day operation, marketing, promoting and developing strategies to ensure sustain business both from local and international markets. He was appointed to the board in 1997. He also sits on the board of the following companies:
  • Kasifa Holding Sdn. Bhd. (50343-V)
  • Kasifa Resources Sdn. Bhd. (607462-V)
  • Kasifa Alliance Sdn. Bhd. (592916-D)
  • Island Cargo Shipping Agencies Sdn. Bhd. (9109-P)
  • Island Services Sdn. Bhd. (11769-A)
  • Patchee Bakery Sdn. Bhd. (530918-W)
  • Maritrans (M) Sdn. Bhd. (69902-D)
  • Maritrans Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd. (97569-M)
Despite his busy life style leading the companies, he is also currently The Honorary Consul of Bangladesh in Penang and Norths States of Malaysia. This appointment portrays a greater importance to enhance the diplomatic relation between the government of Bangladesh and Malaysia. Among his role of duty is to further enhance the relationship between these two countries, through trade and commerce, economic, cultural and promoting friendly relations. Other includes helping and assisting nationals of Bangladesh. In addition to these duties, he is also given a greater opportunity to look into business opportunities and is given greater priorities when dealing with the government or any other private sectors.

Our Managing Director is also actively involve in professional, social and charitable organizations as follows:
  • Secretary General
    Honorary Consular Corp Malaysia (HCCM)
  • Honorary Treasurer
    Penang Muslim League
  • Executive Committee Member
    The Stevedores’ Employers Association, Penang
  • Committee Member
    Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia, Penang
  • Deputy Youth Chief
    UMNO Cawangan Bandar, Bahagian Tanjung, Penang
Mr. Shaik Ismail has a direct family relationship with the late founder and he is the major shareholder of the company today.


Sabinah Allaudin


The Director, Madam Sabinah Bt Dato Haji Shaik Allaudin was born in Penang in 1971. She received her early education in St George’s Secondary School in Penang. Upon finishing her schooling, Madam Sabinah continued her studies to the United States.

Madam. Sabinah graduated with a honours in Masters of Business Administration (MBA) majoring in Marketing & International Business, and with honours in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management from The University of Toledo, Ohio, USA. She also qualified tutor in Mathematics and Statistics in the university. During her studies, Mdm. Sabinah was the Treasurer and Chief of Staff for The International Student Association at the University.

Upon graduation, Madam Sabinah worked in Toledo Area Chamber of Commerce, Ohio, USA as an International Trade Manager where she provided Counseling and Technical Assistance for new companies interested in the area of International Trade Operations. During this time, she has completed her course to become a Certified Business Analyst for the State of Ohio, USA.

After two years of work experience in the US, Madam Sabinah returned to Malaysia at the end of 2001. She then joined Kimberly Clark Trading (M) Sdn Bhd, a US multinational corporation which manufactures well known brand of paper products. As a Product Manager for the tissue Marketing Division, Madam Sabinah developed and executed advertising, product development, packaging, consumer research and promotion activities for Kleenex and Scott. In addition, she assisted her supervisor in developing the departments long and short term marketing strategies.

Madam Sabinah was appointed to the board and currently is also:


  • Kasifa Holding Sdn. Bhd. (50343-V)
  • Kasifa Resources Sdn. Bhd. (607462-V)
  • Patchee Bakery Sdn Bhd. ( 530918-A)
Currently, Madam Sabinah is responsible for re-branding and growth of Patchee Bakery to make “Roti Benggali” as a preferred bread of Malaysia, delivering the True Taste of Penang. She also overlooks the day-to-day management of the bakery

Today, she is married and is blessed with one daughter. Madam Sabinah has a direct family relationship with the late founder and she is the sister of the Managing Director of the company.